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The situation with COVID-19 remains tense. Despite the fact that the spread of the virus continues, Belarus remains open to visitors by foreign citizens.
And although in recent weeks we have experienced an increased interest in our services from our Russian patients, I ask everyone to really assess the degree of risk and the measure of their own responsibility.
I recommend to refrain from unnecessary trips and if it is possible to postpone your treatment, since not all centers are equipped as well as ours and not every institution can guarantee the proper level of protection against infection.
Remember that not only you are at risk, but also your loved ones.

The risk of contracting a visit to the dentist is less than that on the way to him. Instruments are autoclaved, rooms and surfaces are processed between receptions.
The danger of the spread of the virus is primarily direct contact with infected people. Try to avoid public transportation whenever possible.

In order to protect our patients, we have already taken the following measures:

  1. Contactless antiseptic dispensers are installed at the entrance to the clinic and in all rooms;
  2. All patients and doctors entering the clinic undergo a mandatory temperature measurement;
  3. Increased intervals between appointments in order to minimize contact between patients;
  4. Between receptions, additional sanitization of all surfaces is carried out;
  5. An antiseptic is added to the water of all irrigation and rinse systems;
  6. Adequate supply of free shoe covers is provided.

I remind you that the danger is primarily places of mass crowds. Try to avoid train stations, airports, concerts and any public events.
We recommend that you postpone long trips until at least until our closest neighbors begin to slowly open their borders.

Although Belarusians are not Italians with their arms and joint gatherings, they are not in the tradition of our people to sit at home idle.
Therefore, I, along with the rest of the medical community, urge all citizens to observe elementary methods of protection.

  1. For any symptoms of SARS, just stay at home! Panic can cause you to run to the clinic, where you are almost guaranteed to infect another 30-50 people. Therefore, stay at home and call an ambulance only in case of a sharp deterioration in well-being – signs of suffocation, fever above 38 degrees;
  2. If you are over 65 years old or are ill with any kind of chronic diseases – forget about any trips;
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly. Periodically treat them with an antiseptic, as well as at the entrance to any room;
  4. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose in public;
  5. Observe a public distance of at least one and a half meters;
  6. Try to limit your movements to the minimum necessary route;
  7. It is recommended to use individual masks and observe the rules for wearing and removing them;
  8. Sneeze “on the elbow”

The following recommendations are primarily related to clinic owners, as they are responsible for patient safety:

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