Does the Banana Peel Teeth-Whitening Trend Really Work? A Dentist Weighs In

Like feta pasta, Amazon dupes and chlorophyll water, the banana peel teeth whitening hack is trending on TikTok—but before we tried it, we asked a dentist if it really works.

The trend involves rubbing the inside of a banana peel all across the surface of the teeth in order to “quickly” and “easily” brighten the teeth. Fans of the trend say that the peel’s high levels of potassium and magnesium are absorbed into the enamel of the teeth if applied for long enough.

While Chevy Chase, MD cosmetic dentist Claudia Cotca, DDS is a strong proponent for using natural teeth-whitening products at home, she does not recommend whitening with a banana peel. “While potassium in various combinations and strengths has been shown in research studies to strengthen the teeth and even improve staining, the natural banana is most efficient when used through your diet,” she says. “Fruits and vegetables are better equipped by composition to improve health and aesthetics.”

Instead of following the banana peel trend, Dr. Cotca offers some tips to achieving a whiter smile at home: “My strong recommendation is to establish a routine of thorough brushing within five to 15 minutes of having enjoyed any food or non-water beverage. A more comprehensive cleansing will have a larger and broader impact on the health of your smile.”