Louisiana Tech University has a new 3D Virtual Anatomy Lab

MONROE, La. (KNOE) – Louisiana Tech University is advancing its health and science classes. They are approaching the way students dissect cadavers to a whole new level.

School officials say this is the first time students will have the opportunity to dissect a digitized version of a real human and animal body. Tech is using 3D Virtual Technology to help launch their student’s careers.

“This is the anatomage table that we have at Carson Taylor here at Louisiana Tech University, with several different cadavers. These people were real people in real life who donated their bodies to science,” said Taylor Teach, a La. Tech Grad student.

Taylor says it’s an opportunity she didn’t have as an undergrad. She says, she only dissected animals and the smell was unbearable.

“This lab really enhances techs biology curriculum overall I think because it allows you to see inside a human body and at the end day it’s not going to only be used by pre-med students. It’s going to be used by nursing students, potentially kinesiology, pre-dental students, and many more,’’ Teach said.

The 3D Virtual Anatomy Lab will teach students how to perform more than 1,600 MRI’S and CT scans. Officials say students can learn on every level using this digitized device.

“This is something that most professional schools have. Professional medical schools, veterinarian schools, they have this technology and they use this technology,” said Gary Kennedy, Louisiana Tech Dean of Applied College of Natural Science. “So in our preparation for students to prepare them to go to those professional schools we want them to be well prepared and familiar with this technology. So that when they get there, they will be ready to go,” Kennedy said.

The project cost about $85,000 but a private loan and the alumni helped cover the cost.

“The generosity of our alumni really made a difference. So we’re very thankful to everyone who gave to this project,” said Penny Humphries, Louisiana Tech Director of Development for the College of Natural Science.

Students will have the opportunity to work in the lab once school starts on September 9th.

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