Prosthodontist from Brazil moves to East Texas for opportunities to increase dental skills

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Dr. Fred Lima is a prosthodontist, associate dentist at Tyler Smile Studio. Lima is originally from Brazil and moved with his family to Tyler with hopes of finding more opportunities in the field.

Dr. Lima was inspired to work in the United States after reading a book written by an American dentist while in school.

“I started dreaming of only living that philosophy that he was talking about,” Lima said. “For more than 10 years in Brazil, I tried to do something similar, but I just couldn’t. It’s a totally different reality than it is in the US.”

About four years ago, Lima moved with his wife and two children from Brazil to Alabama, where he earned a specialized degree in prosthetics dentistry. Around that time, Lima reached out to Dr. Rick Coker, owner of Tyler Smile Studio, on Facebook. They stayed in touch and when Lima was looking for a job, Coker invited him to tour Tyler.

Lima said Coker was familiar.

“He had a very similar background in regards to that philosophy that I was reading many many years before,” Lima said.

Now Lima is working at Tyler Smile Studio.

“Working with him is great and it’s just nice knowing that if there is a problem, he is going to be able to help with it,” Coker said. “He’s added a couple of things like implants and things that I don’t do. But now, here we have an expert who can do that in office.”

“I have more opportunity for personal growth here in the US. I have access to everything here and it makes the patients’ treatments much more predictable, quick,” Dr. Lima said.

Dr. Lima’s favorite part about working in Tyler is the people.

“No question about it. I love the patients that come here; my wife does, too. She is a dental assistant. She’s a dentist originally in Brazil, but she’s working as a dental assistant here, and we love the people. It’s all about people,” Dr. Lima said.

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